The Yussof-Taylor update

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Dipnetting Zhani's birthday present Zhani's birthday cake Fooling around in the garden Learning to use tools
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Zhani's B'day party Alexander winning his 200m heat Alexander's Birthday - Shah's parents, Suja, and Ivan (Zhani's best friends's father)

Zhani's Birthday party

Zhani coming second in her 70m sprint
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The cowgirl Ksenia and Zhani had a joint birthday party Zhani Dipnetting Blowing out the candles Cutting the cake
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Fooling around at the zoo Spitting the dummy The mermaid at the zoo The School With a kangaroo at the zoo
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Alexander's Party - doughnut eating competition Zhani and friends having a bounce Alexander winning his 100m heat Alexander's Pyramind cake was not the biggest success Alexander at a karate tournament
Alexander (2nd place) and Jeffrey, who didn't win in this tournament.